Why are Agencies so Bad at Content Marketing?

  Everyone has been talking about content marketing for a while now Mark Ritson recently wrote that it is “bollocks”. He doesn’t think content marketing is anything – it’s just marketing.  Fair enough. However, his best point is this: “The problem appears to be content marketers who, in a modern … Read More

Are Cold Face-to-Face Sales Meetings a Waste of Time?

  Things were simple back in the day, before LinkedIn, before email and the Internet. A team of lead generation people to call prospects and field sales people to meet and sell. Everything necessary to grow your client list. Well-trained sales people in those highly skilled areas could deliver great … Read More

Why Should You Work With a New Business Agency?

why work with a new business agency

We Have Experience Our team have worked with all types of companies over the years – helping to shape them into winning machines! We retain clients too as we offer added value. We realised a long time ago that new business isn’t just about picking up the phone on your behalf.  There is … Read More

The Prospect is at an Early Stage in the Buying Process

clock watching

As a Business Development Director, your success will be judged on how many pitches you get your agency into and how many clients you win. Firstly, you should do doing so many activities: Outbound Events Social selling Social media management Making sure you collateral is up-to-date And more, but we … Read More

What Makes a Good Proposition?

proposition image

Why is this important? Simple: in order for a new business campaign to work sales people need a strong proposition to work with.  So, what do we mean by ‘strong’, and what do we mean by ‘proposition’. Imagine you are selling into a new sector. Or you are selling a new … Read More

How to start a new business meeting in 7 steps

how to start a new business meeting

  One of your new business people has set a meeting for you with the Marketing Director at a potential client. It’s a cold meeting. You know that it’s a good brand but the person you’re meeting doesn’t know very much about your agency so you need to impress from the … Read More

Good or Bad Idea? Calling the Prospect after the Pitch

  Should you call the client after a pitch but before they say yes or no? I’ve talked about this with a few people lately and I’ve had varying views on it. Some have said it’s too pushy where others have been all for it. I don’t mean calling to … Read More

Using Big Data Analysis To Find Hot Sales Leads

Imagine a programme that could tell you who in your CRM is most likely to buy. You’re thinking you can already do that, but the question is how accurately can you do it? Not very, because the characteristics of likely buyers are a million miles from perfect. I think it … Read More