Case studies

We created a bespoke benchmarking report for a client, which was then published. We also sent it directly to their prospects (who, incidentally, were the people who didn’t perform so well in the report).

The report generated three meetings and one piece of work being won.

After the proven success and engagement derived from this first piece, we repeated it in another sector for the client.

We worked closely with a client to maximise the potential of their social presence across a number of platforms.

Needless to say, the impetus set by the Icebreaker team gave our client an uplift of 25% in meeting numbers over the course of 12 months.

We already know that Outbound can no longer be the only channel, but it still surprises us that lots of people don’t use others.

When we started working with this agency, we all knew that their proposition wasn’t strong enough. Time to get to work!

After numerous sessions, we had a plan in place and finally got to the root of “why would someone want to meet you?”

Since implementing the new proposition – helping with updating their website, creds, blog posts and case studies – we have set highly qualified meetings with some of the best brands for them. Something which they wouldn’t have stood a chance of beforehand!

Companies we have helped our clients to win