We’ve built Icebreaker with our clients’ needs at its heart.

We are an independent, forward-thinking business development agency. We help our clients’ reach sales and marketing maturity, building and executing processes, systems, teams, and campaigns capable of delivering growth now and into the future.

If you were to describe what you need your business development function to do, it has to result in one outcome: Create conditions for your business to win quality clients.

We have identified three pillars which form the foundation of growth for our clients.


Being Connected

Through all business development channels, we reach out to senior decision-makers in a meaningful way, to tell your story and build engagement and rapport. We'll be constantly active and engaging on your behalf.


Being Different

Having prospects know your name simply isn’t enough – they need to know exactly what makes you special and how you add value for them. We excel at distilling and delivering your proposition in such a way that prospects understand what makes you different.


Being Ready

Not everyone is ready to buy or sign right away so, by continually re-engaging with your network of interested prospects, we help you remain at the forefront of their mind. When they're ready to buy, they will come to you.