December sales quiz

quiz time

It’s been a great year for B2B marketing but were you paying attention to the stats and trends? Take our quiz to find out. *All stats taken from the following two sources:

Embedding a business development culture early will improve your sales

Building a strong business development culture as soon as you can after you start a business will boost your business sales effectiveness. To create a business development culture you need to bake highly commercial thinking and a focus on sales into everything your business does. Your business will benefit from … Read More

5 Things We’ve Learnt This Year About Social Selling

LinkedIn nowadays is a crucial channel for business to business networking, selling and marketing. We’ve been helping clients use LinkedIn to grow their reputation for several years now and as LinkedIn has matured in adoption and usage, what you need to do to make it succeed has evolved too. If … Read More

How to Prepare For and Run a First Meeting

breaking the ice at first new business meeting

If you’re a sales person or have had sales training then new business meetings probably don’t phase you, but if you’re new to sales then first meetings can be scary. Confidence is one of the biggest factors in how you will perform in a new business meeting. Walk in believing … Read More

“Cold calling is dead.”


“Cold calling is dead.” Nonsense! Nobody likes getting calls, especially bad ones. And everybody sure as hell hates making them (well – we don’t), so people are innately distrustful of using cold calling to reach out to new clients. If you get someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, it’s … Read More

Filling Your Pipeline & Minimising Lead Times

Pipeline filling Make sure instead that you are constantly filling your pipeline. Going a step further, I would say that you need to get out and meet as many people as possible who could be potential clients, regardless of where they are in their buying cycle. The reason for this … Read More

Sales Navigator for Business Development

If you’ve not come across it yet, Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s sales intelligence tool. It’s a paid-for-subscription and although it has its limitations, if you’re in any way serious about generating business using LinkedIn, worth the £60 a month it costs. It has the capability to add notes to prospects … Read More

5 Essential Tools You Need in Business Development

Tools for sales and marketing

Just starting in sales? Looking to transform your old-school sales department? Don’t have a sales department and need some tools implemented to help? Well here’s the rundown of what you need to have in your sales department in 2019. 1. Sales Intelligence Tools Intelligence tools are specifically for finding and … Read More

Marketing & Business Development: Two Teams in One

Connecting the dots

Young B2B businesses can only grow organically and via personal networks for so long. There will inevitably come a point when you just don’t know enough people and generate enough referrals to maintain high percentage growth. At that point you’ll have to invest in proactive measures, and there are a … Read More