A Day in the Life of…Claudia Marin

Job Title: Digital & Social Media ManagerClaudia Marin


What was your background before joining Icebreaker?

I studied “English and American Studies” at Venice University (Italy), in a joint program with other seven European universities. I chose to spend my year abroad and do my MA thesis research at the Bavarian University in Bamberg. Once graduated, I applied for a marketing internship at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Berlin. I was accepted so I was lucky enough to spend some other months in the German capital right when Germany won the world cup… 🙂 Meantime, I carried on with my interest for marketing and eCommerce as much as my passion for working at big events and exhibitions.


What’s a typical day at Icebreaker like for you?

Typical? I never get spend a day which is identical to the other – it really varies. Anyway, I normally get to the office, make a nice coffee or tea, and start my research for inspiring online news. I schedule interesting posts on clients’ social media accounts, plan different creative content-related activities, meet clients, and support the business development managers in their duties.


How do you manage your time?

I use an amazing tool, Asana, which helps me stay focus and prioritise my daily tasks.


What’s your favourite part of working with Icebreaker?

Due to the big variety of clients, I get to work across different sectors and I learn so many things every day. That’s my absolute favourite thing. Needless to say, the great team I work with! 🙂


What’s been the most interesting thing you have learned since joining?

That keeping employees happy and motivated really does improve the productivity of a company. A great environment at work is absolutely beneficial for everybody. I’ve also learnt to ask a lot of questions – that comes from our sales team!


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I tend to browse the internet a lot in order to find inspiring projects, case studies, and news. However, I try to attend as many digital marketing events and seminars as I can – I think those are great places to get fresh education and great inspiration.


Where would you work if you weren’t in the new business industry?

I’d probably be a full time cat-sitter. Lol. Joking… Either in an academic environment, doing some research and writing articles, or probably in a cultural organisation – a publishing house, a theatre, a museum. Although I’m quite passionate about fashion industries and eCommerce.


Outside of the office, how do you spend your time?

I read a lot and I try to go to the theatre as much as I can. I enjoy exploring Shoreditch during weekends, and I recently started doing yoga, which is good fun. And I absolutely love to find new restaurants and different cuisines to try out!

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