Good or Bad Idea? Calling the Prospect after the Pitch



Should you call the client after a pitch but before they say yes or no?

I’ve talked about this with a few people lately and I’ve had varying views on it. Some have said it’s too pushy where others have been all for it. I don’t mean calling to try to convince them to choose you. I agree that trying to cajole the client into a decision is too pushy. I’m talking about calling to ask if there is anything they weren’t sure about or that you didn’t cover in your pitch, or any other concerns they may have.

My view is that it’s a good idea to make that call and there are lots of reasons why.

  • The most obvious is that you almost always miss the mark somewhere in a pitch – even the ones you win. Think about it: you get the call, you’re told you’ve won it, but then the client asks questions about aspects of the pitch that they weren’t sure about. It’s very rare you cover off absolutely everything in a pitch. Be proactive.

And the other reasons:

  • You really want to work for the client, which is undoubtedly a factor in winning because it means you care.
  • Showing the client that you’re diligent and don’t leave things to chance.
  • It shows that you’re not precious and are willing to work with the client to make things work the best for them.
  • It shows the client you will ask them their thoughts. You’re willing to listen and adapt what you’re doing to meet their needs.
  • And it sets the tone for an open and frank relationship.

It definitely won’t do you any harm. If you were going to win it anyway then it’s not going to put the client off. Get the tone right and explain your motivations, without pushing them into a decision.

What do you think?

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