New business trends – 2015 is here

new-year-586148_640Happy New Year!

Last week we posted a piece on Econsultancy about new business in 2014 and what we expect in 2015. We picked out a couple of trends from last year and talked a bit about what we expect this year. If you’re interested in the article, read it here: New business trends in 2014 and predictions for 2015 –

A quick intro to the article though… we thought last year felt like a pretty good year. Digital continues to grow despite the challenges and we know there are hundreds of companies out there that still haven’t sorted their digital stuff out, so we don’t expect it to slow down soon.

We saw a marked trend for British digital agencies winning overseas work, a trend which we expect to continue in 2015 as the UK exports digital around the world. We also saw a lot of new spenders on digital last year as the less sexy sectors continued to get up to speed on mobile and digital.

As far as what agencies can do to be successful in 2015, we think a key trend is going to be that those digital agencies that effectively align their inbound marketing and social activity with their new business activity will generate more success. On the whole, agencies have been slow to do this well, so there is an opportunity for those that get there first.

For more – read the article!

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