Filling Your Pipeline & Minimising Lead Times

Pipeline filling Make sure instead that you are constantly filling your pipeline. Going a step further, I would say that you need to get out and meet as many people as possible who could be potential clients, regardless of where they are in their buying cycle. The reason for this … Read More

Sales Navigator for Business Development

If you’ve not come across it yet, Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s sales intelligence tool. It’s a paid-for-subscription and although it has its limitations, if you’re in any way serious about generating business using LinkedIn, worth the £60 a month it costs. It has the capability to add notes to prospects … Read More

5 Essential Tools You Need in Business Development

Tools for sales and marketing

Just starting in sales? Looking to transform your old-school sales department? Don’t have a sales department and need some tools implemented to help? Well here’s the rundown of what you need to have in your sales department in 2019. 1. Sales Intelligence Tools Intelligence tools are specifically for finding and … Read More

Marketing & Business Development: Two Teams in One

Connecting the dots

Young B2B businesses can only grow organically and via personal networks for so long. There will inevitably come a point when you just don’t know enough people and generate enough referrals to maintain high percentage growth. At that point you’ll have to invest in proactive measures, and there are a … Read More

LinkedIn Profile Picture

Whilst studying my MSc we had a class specifically dedicated to the LinkedIn platform, complete with a guest speaker, presentation and photographer. We were tediously taken through an hour-long presentation of a list of the do’s and don’ts which I’m sure I could have found through a quick google search … Read More

How Should New Business Drive Growth For An Independent Agency


The most successful independent marketing agencies grow because they win initial projects with the right clients and are very adept at growing those clients once they’re on board. Over the last 15 years in new business for agencies we’ve worked with a lot of clients, the vast majority of them independent, … Read More

The Growing Pains of Business Development

hammer on screw, wrench on nail

Picture John. He and his business partner started their company a few years ago now. One or two clients bankrolled the business during the first year. Their offer was really strong – it was new and fresh, client wins were backed by the owners’ personal promise, they were agile and … Read More

8 Things We Know About Pitching


If you go into a pitch with these in mind it might just help you win: Personal confidence. The most important factor is to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. You need to be confident in your personality, appearance, skills, and overall presentation and project this at all times.  Look … Read More

Blogging For New Business?


What is the value in having a blog? Does anyone read it? Do you ever win any new business through it? We think it does a lot: Gives you a voice Gives the agency a personality Helps position you in the marketplace Educates staff and help with internal communications Provides … Read More

Good or Bad Idea? Calling the Prospect after the Pitch

  Should you call the client after a pitch but before they say yes or no? I’ve talked about this with a few people lately and I’ve had varying views on it. Some have said it’s too pushy where others have been all for it. I don’t mean calling to … Read More