What Makes a Good Proposition?

proposition image

Why is this important? Simple: in order for a new business campaign to work sales people need a strong proposition to work with.  So, what do we mean by ‘strong’, and what do we mean by ‘proposition’. Imagine you are selling into a new sector. Or you are selling a new … Read More

Using Big Data Analysis To Find Hot Sales Leads

Imagine a programme that could tell you who in your CRM is most likely to buy. You’re thinking you can already do that, but the question is how accurately can you do it? Not very, because the characteristics of likely buyers are a million miles from perfect. I think it … Read More

We Love Slack And Here’s Why

This is how Slack describes itself in the website: “A messaging app for teams […] To make working lives simpler, more pleasant and more productive.” Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration and project management tool which we use constantly! “Be less busy.” Well actually, Slack doesn’t make us less busy, … Read More

The Queen at 90

the queen at 90

Happy 90th Birthday to the Queen!   With the Queen’s 90th birthday upon us today, we thought we would ask owners agencies within the creative industry their thoughts on a couple of short questions. What would they buy as a gift for the Queen?  Where would they go for a … Read More


Trust signage

Trust takes time to build. Many months, if not years. With inbound leads there is already trust there because typically it came from a referral or somebody knows of you. Therefore they inherently trust you more because they don’t think you’re trying to sell to them, plus if they have … Read More

We’re hiring! New Business Development Manager in Edinburgh

We are looking for a New Business Development Manager based in our Edinburgh office. Overview Icebreaker is a new business agency with offices in London and Edinburgh. We help the digital and creative industries win business from top tier UK organisations through a combination of outbound sales, clever leading-edge strategy … Read More

A Day in the Life of…Paul McMaster

Job Title: Business Development Manager   What was your background before joining Icebreaker? I studied at The University of Edinburgh, completing my degree in Business Studies (MA Hons) between 2005-09. Since graduating I’ve held various roles in the business environment, covering management, sales, marketing and business development. Prior to joining … Read More

The State of Social Selling in 2016 (infographic)

So where is Social Selling going? We’ve learned a thing or two about it in the last few years and found this infographic to be very informative. Some key points from it: 61% of organizations engaged in Social Selling report a positive impact on revenue growth. 72% of sales professionals … Read More