Turbo-charged case studies

Tips for writing effective case studies   Strong case studies make a big difference to the effectiveness of your new business campaign so making the effort to get them right will pay dividends. Here are some tips for producing good case studies. 1) Good design is half the battle. Good … Read More

How has consumption changed us?

When I was a kid, I would come home from school and watch some TV, maybe have a bowl of cereal and wait on dinner. When my folks got home, Mum would start on the dinner and then Dad would get home slightly later and would read the paper. They … Read More

Green shoots?

Last night there was some interesting news released by Markit Economics and The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.  The latest purchasing managers index (PMI) has risen again in July to 60.2 from 56.9 in June.  In fact, the PMI index has risen past levels last seen in 2006. So what … Read More

3 things people never talk about in sales training

Buying/Selling something is about the future, but most people exist in the present.  Most people, when you speak to them, spend most of their time dealing with and thinking about the stuff they’ve got going on just now and in the near future – 1 month, 3 months…whereas the problems … Read More

What type of new business person are you?

Consider these three statements: I’d like to go and see people who need a digital agency. I’d like to go and see people who are right for us so that when they need a digital agency they call us. I’d like to go and see people who have a problem … Read More

What is a new business agency and what do they do?

Simply put a new business agency acts as an agent to introduce prospective business opportunities for another. However there is a lot that needs to happen both before and after the introduction that will contribute to whether the new business agency is doing everything they should. Even before you’ve made … Read More

Upward mobility

Mobile web – sounds scary doesn’t it? The internet on your mobile, being able to carry around in your pocket what only a decade ago would have taken a fork lift and burly man in a hard hat. Well it is here and you may as well embrace it, as … Read More