What’s in it for me? What’s in it for you?

We all buy things, all the time.  We buy jeans, cars, insurance, website design, ecommerce platforms, marketing agencies…  These are high value purchases – things that we invest time in evaluating and think carefully about before buying. If you think about a successful sales pitch you’ve been on the end of I … Read More

Thanks for your card, here’s my email address…

Every time I go to a meeting someone hands me their business card and I have to explain I just don’t do them any more. I’d much rather connect on Linkedin or via BBM then take a card. I just don’t see the point in the digital age of the … Read More

Why do some big companies never learn…

I remember selling digital back in the 90s, when the web really started to kick off.  There were massive opportunities for brands that did digital well and as a result lots of agencies were delivering projects and campaigns that showed 4 and 5 figure percentage increases in revenue.  With these … Read More

Selling the channel or selling the brand

We’ve a long history of doing new business for clients in new and growing industries.  More recently that has meant working with clients in areas such as social media and mobile, and in the past with all sorts of digital agency, from email marketing to search specialists to pure website … Read More

Best salesperson in movies? You decide…

When sitting have our lunch together earlier this week we started talking about movies.  Then it moved onto sales pitches in movies. Then onto who are the best salespeople in movies. So the list was long; some were great, some were shocking, some were just simply not salespeople. But we … Read More

Ten ways to retain and develop salespeople

Ensure you have a mentor in place (that doesn’t mean the MD) Information is key – encourage attendance at conferences and seminars as well as subscriptions Performance related bonus schemes motivate no end – KPIs don’t just mean financial targets though Money is it’s own reward so give time in … Read More