Some tips to doing business development well in this crisis

We thought we would write out some tips based on our experiences during these times. Have a read…

  • Be humble – don’t brag about anything. Everyone is hurting and worried at the moment and it’s not good if you’re saying, “we’re winning loads of work! We’re brilliant”
  • Be kind – don’t use social to be bad to others. Try to do the good thing.
  • Be active – don’t stop your business development activities. Those who do will suffer afterwards as they won’t have a pipeline and be starting from scratch. Henry Ford once said, “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time” and the same applies to business development.
  • Read the room – when speaking to prospects, don’t use your usual patter. Everyone has been impacted in one way or another, so use carefully thought out language to approach.
  • Don’t be pushy – this should apply all the time, never mind right now. People certainly don’t want your marketing automation follow-up emails saying, “I thought I would try again” or “You must be busy either doing…” or “Why haven’t I heard from you”. These emails are all shit. Stop them now. Basically, stop marketing automation emails.
  • Try webinars – be specific about a subject and set up everything professionally (we can help as our clients are doing loads of these).
  • Reach out to people you already know – drop people you know a little email asking how they are and how business is coping. People really appreciate nice messages at these times
  • Use social channels to approach new prospects – LinkedIn has really come into its own. In fact, there’s been a 26% growth in user sessions lately, and their member numbers have gone up by an extra 15 million.
  • Email is also great – people are getting less emails than normal at the moment, so try pinging one across and being kind in it. You’ll be surprised.
  • Learn how to do video calls well – your whole set-up is important. Lighting, background, sound, video quality, proximity to WiFi. Prepare and practice. Oh, and have a wash and at least wear some clothes on the top half of your body.

There you go. Good luck and happy hunting!

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