The Queen at 90

the queen at 90

the queen at 90

Happy 90th Birthday to the Queen!


With the Queen’s 90th birthday upon us today, we thought we would ask owners agencies within the creative industry their thoughts on a couple of short questions.

What would they buy as a gift for the Queen?  Where would they go for a weekend break with the Queen as a treat for her birthday?  And do they actually care about the Queen at all?

The results are in and it has posed some interesting stats.

What would you buy the Queen for her birthday

28% of agency owners would buy the Queen a new corgi puppy, which was the highest scoring present.

And 16% would buy her a horse! These people clearly have a bit of money and would love to lavish the Queen with an expensive gift.

Someone even responded saying that they would buy her skydiving lessons and another said they would get her a hoverboard.  There’s a mixed bag in the Others: chocolates, electric guitar, handbag, bibles and so on.

Where would you send the Queen on a weekend trip for her birthday

As for where they would like to go on a weekend break with the Queen – 17% said Balmoral and Margate was only just behind on 16%. I think the agency owners have a bit of inside knowledge and realise that Balmoral is her actual holiday home anyway.  So perhaps it is them that are wanting to nosey around inside the beautiful Scottish castle…

Interestingly, and I think the Queen would love all of these places.  In the Others section we had Slough, Brighton (which came up a few times), Rome and someone picked India.  What a treat!  No one plumped for Paris.  The Queen loves the train as well and would undoubtedly like the Eurostar journey.  Ah well Ma’am, not this time.

How important is the Queen to you?

So as we can see a whopping 36% feel that the Queen is very important in their lives and this is followed up by 29% saying she is a little important in their lives.

That only leaves 35% of people saying that she isn’t important (or they couldn’t care less about the Queen).

All in all, this suggests that agency owners tend to lean towards loving our Queen.  Have a lovely birthday Queen Elizabeth II.


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