Top Tips #1: Don’t dilute your key selling points with irrelevant information

ClarityClarity matters in sales. Clarity in your head, clarity in communication and clarity for the buyer. In any sale, saying the right things at the right time determines your success so getting it right matters.

In our experience, the most important bit of information at the start of any new client conversation is your key selling points – or more precisely the key selling point that that buyer cares about. Selling points need to be different … because without a clear idea of what is different about you, you become just like everybody else which means you can’t really sell at all.

It’s easy to confuse selling points with other things – your services, establishing credibility (your experience, longevity, size, etc). These things are all important and you do need to state them – but don’t mistake them for selling points. They’re not … and if you rely on them as selling points then you will really just water down what’s truly different about you and to make matters worse, it’s a bit of a ‘so what’ for the buyer.

So, be very clear about what differentiates you and make sure you tell that first to everybody you speak to…if nothing else they’ll remember you as someone a bit different and worthy of consideration in the future.

For real top tips: … my personal favourite is the Rappers one…just don’t use any of them with clients…

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