Turbo-charged case studies

Tips for writing effective case studies


Strong case studies make a big difference to the effectiveness of your new business campaign so making the effort to get them right will pay dividends. Here are some tips for producing good case studies.

1) Good design is half the battle.

Good UX DESIGN applies to case studies as much as web pages, especially since they will probably be read on a screen, so dont compromise on it. Well designed case studies will build credibility, demonstrate quality and establish trust.

They should be uncluttered and easy on the eye…your customers will thank you for it.

2) Make the copy count.

Some of you audience are skimmers. They won’t read big blocks of text, and a page of it will lose most of your audience. So use short statements and bullet points and get rid of unnecessary words.

Add links to more info if you need to.

3) The key message should dominate.

Try hard to avoid just writing about what you DID. Think about why you are writing this case study and what’s special about it. If it’s creative then make that the focus…make the pictures big and bring it to life, if it’s results then put the figures in, and make them BIG.

4) Make headlines shout.

Headlines sell newspapers. They will sell your case studies. The headline should make the reader want to read more but even if they don’t, it should tell the story.

5) One page, two pages A4 max.

It can be tempting to include everything you did but if you do you may drown out the key message. If you have done a lot of work for the client then do multiple case studies with their own message or maybe a catchall one with a Strategic Partner key message.

6) Benefits first.

What did you do for the client. People will relate to the case study better if it is told from the client’s ooint of view.

7) Host a responsive version online.

Many readers will do so on some sort of mobile device so make them as accessible as possible.

8) Tell the story.

People are wired to respond to stories about real people and real situations so if you are talking through case studies, telling them as a story will make them more interesting.

Case studies are difficult to write well but it’s worth the effort. Get external help if you need to. They will not only describe what you do when you are not there, they will help your new business people describe you experience too, and ultimately they will convince prospects to meet and shortlist you more often.

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