What Did You Miss The Most When Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp were down?

On Monday night, there was a complete outage of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp for around 6 hours due to an error during routine maintenance of its network of data centres. Oops.

On Tuesday morning we decided to run a quick poll on LinkedIn to see what people missed the most on Monday night.

Here are the results:

Of course, this was posted on LinkedIn so perhaps most people on LinkedIn aren’t too bothered about Facebook or Instagram.

The fact that 62% of the 492 votes didn’t miss a thing is quite astonishing though. We had expected a lower number on that, and Whatsapp to be higher than its 29% as we all like to keep in touch with one another, don’t we.

Facebook in trouble?

The thing is that people do rely on Whatsapp and FB Messenger to keep in touch, and this article points out, “More than 3 billion users use Facebook’s services. A significant subsection of those rely on their service for more than posting selfies or liking memes. There are parts of the world where Facebook’s services are the internet — as in, that’s what most users see as the entirety of online life. In countries like Brazil, WhatsApp is the de facto phone network: users almost exclusively call and message through it.”

So is there a problem coming for Facebook and its other companies?

The EU seems to think so, as well as the UK, and so does the US.

LinkedIn Engagement

The poll above also showed us the power of LinkedIn polls for engagement.

In 24 hours:

  • 4 Likes (this would seem that people were voting rather than Liking)
  • 492 votes

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