Why Should You Work With a New Business Agency?

why work with a new business agency

why work with a new business agency

We Have Experience

Our team have worked with all types of companies over the years – helping to shape them into winning machines!

We retain clients too as we offer added value. We realised a long time ago that new business isn’t just about picking up the phone on your behalf.  There is so much more to it than that.  We are not a telesales or telemarketing company.  Or just a new business agency.  We will be your new business consultants.  Icebreaker will integrate to be a part of your team. We have that experience.

Knowing what makes a successful new business campaign is only one part of it.  We also make sure that every aspect of your agency focusses on growth. Let us in, under the bonnet and you’ll see real results.

It’s No Longer Just About Outbound

We give you a well-rounded outbound sales and inbound marketing resource at your fingertips. We don’t just focus on picking up the phone to do as many cold calls as possible.  Icebreaker actually looks at all of your company, then makes recommendations on how to best utilise your current activities and what else you can implement to maximise your new business wins.

Winning new business is no longer won by flicking through your rolodex for the hottest leads and shouting “sell! sell!”  No, I’m afraid those days are long gone.  Have you heard of inbound leads and content marketing?  I bet you have.  I also bet you don’t have enough time to properly look at how to do it.  Let us take the strain and let’s work together to implement a brilliant new business campaign.

New Business Is An Internal Resource Drain

The problem that an in-house business development manager (BDM) has is that a lot of time is taken up by attending meetings, preparing pitches, writing proposals and more.  Throw in a quarterly newsletter, attending conferences and exhibitions. Therefore, time is diminished that can be spent on the outbound marketing itself.  Your BDM will try to spend as much time on the phone but will more than likely only get to spend about 20 – 30% of their time doing that.  Added to that, the strategy can be lost in this time – immediately after finishing a proposal, for instance, the BDM may get straight back on the phone and emailing prospects without much preparation or thought.  Of course, I am generalising here but it can be a problem and a challenge to keep your BDM on the correct course.

We Give an Outsiders Point of View

A new business agency should have experience working in-house. We fully understand the sales cycle that you face and we understand the types of meetings that you want to attend. We know what your strategy should be from the outset. This is what sets us apart.

We can look at your overall strategy and give you our informed opinion. We won’t hold back either – we’ll be proactive in making sure that you are targeting the correct areas with the correct attitude. There will be no blanket emailing or calling. We will tailor your strategy and proposition then get it to the correct people at the correct time. Unfortunately, and sadly, this is what can be lost internally at any company – that sense of direction.  The correct direction.

We’ll Add Value to your Proposition

Our experience will allow us to be able to add value to your proposition. We speak to prospective clients day in, day out and understand what they are looking for. We understand both sides; agency and client. We’ll merge the two sides into one proposition that will be stronger and enable you to win clients.  We will also help with your meeting strategy and give you the knowledge we have learned. Two heads are always better than one.

We Want You to Win New Clients

When you win, we win. We will forge a long-term relationships that is beneficial to both parties. Involve us in your team and your ethos. We want you to be part of our team. Let’s do this together.

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