Business Development

Our razor-sharp and highly skilled business development people handle inbound leads, and reach out to prospects by phone, email and LinkedIn. Our consultative style, which seeks to understand business challenges and find where your proposition fits, delivers high quality, engaged opportunities.

Strategy: We help clients develop buyer personas to understand the goals, challenges and needs of the stakeholders, in different industries and job functions, involved in buying you. We help develop and refine your proposition so that it speaks to each of those buyer personas. We then develop a targeting model to identify those prospects with the best chance of buying.

Planning: We then develop an activity plan, breaking your campaign into achievable sprints, complete with metrics and milestones to allow you to monitor performance and measure success.

Execution: Once it reaches time to get hands-on, we deliver using outbound calling & appointment setting, outbound email marketing, LinkedIn outreach & social selling and webinars.

Conversion: Closing the deal is as important as the lead up, and we provide support with the later stages of the sales process, offering support with pitching and coaching in sales and busines development.


Your content needs to be impactful and grab the reader’s attention if it’s going to promote your business. We create and share engaging content on B2B social platforms like LinkedIn. Through sharing content from both your personal and company profiles, we’ll give you a voice in your industry and make you known for what you do, meaning you’re on the list when pitches come around. Here’s a closer look at two ways we can help you create meaningful content:

Content Planning: To truly stand out, your content needs to be educational, informative and interesting. We facilitate brainstorming sessions to develop content pillars, which we turn into a content programme and content calendar that we can deliver for the life of your campaign.

Execution: Whatever your content need are, we can deliver on - from copy based content like blogs, white papers and case studies, to richer media like video, animations and infographic design. When working with you, we’ll get to know your business so well that our teams can collaborate effectively to produce great content that resonates with your target audience.


We help you use your social media platforms to leverage your reach and achieve business goals. Connections are key, and we build a community by connecting your social profiles with potential clients and industry influencers. As your engagement with prospects generates conversations, we turn those discussions into meetings, conference calls, videocons and webinars, which in turn lead to tangible opportunities for your business.

Strategy: We research your social networks, groups and industry, looking at everything from hashtags to influencers, to identify opportunities to take advantage of. We also inspect your competitors to find ground that you can occupy. We compile this information as part of our planning process, using it to direct how we move your business’s social presence forward.

Audience Building: The best social strategy in the world won’t work if nobody sees you. The core of our campaign execution entails posting content, connecting with prospects, managing community engagement, and managing paid social campaigns.

Tools & software: Tools such as CRM, tracking and analytics packages alongside automations and integrations are an essential component in running sales and marketing efficiently. We can either implement any tools you are missing (all part of the service) or dovetail with your existing set-up.

We employ a strategic, research driven approach, which all these areas benefit from. We provide weekly and monthly reporting and review and adjust strategy quarterly and half yearly.

Your challenges are unique and may require us to mix and match different aspects of our offering. Our driving motivations are to improve your business development capabilities and drive new revenue. We pride ourselves in being problem-solvers that are ready to take on whatever challenge you put in front of us, so if you don’t see exactly what you need here, get in contact with us and let’s talk about how we can be of assistance.