Outbound Sales

We phone and send emails to prospective clients on your behalf; gaining rapport, identifying opportunities and setting up highly qualified meetings with those people that are interested in your proposition.


Are you doing the hard graft at the coalface?

Nobody likes getting calls. Particularly poorly executed calls. It's better to warm up leads firstly by introducing yourself through a variety of channels and then getting an expert to follow up and allow them to create a lead that can turn into a client for you. That's what Icebreaker excel at doing.

We educate your prospects about your company and why they would like to work with you. In earlier years, sales representatives had a Rolodex and a phone - now we arm our experts with an array of tools and insight so that when we are doing outbound calling, we know that the prospect already knows something about who we are calling from and what the call will entail.

Don't write off outbound calling yet - it's a vital cog in the new business machine. It's just that old-school cold calling is past its sell-by date.

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