What makes you different, or what’s good? The proposition makes or breaks a new business campaign. A new business campaign needs a plan with clear targets and direction from the outset.


How Are You Currently Winning?

When it comes to your company's business development strategy who is doing what and when? And how are they going to achieve it? If you don't know the answers then you obviously don't have any plans in place. Have you set out objectives for the next 6 months, 12 months and 3 years? You'd better do so, or no one will be working towards any goals.

Putting it simply, who’s going to do what, when. And how. You need to think about the activities you’re going to do, what channels you’ll use, content to support your activity, and timings then knock it all into some sort of plan. If you’ve got more than one person working on it, you’ll need to decide who’s doing what and set milestones so that it all happens. We write business development plans like this for all types of different companies and we know how to make them work.

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